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Brad Belt: Music-5pp

Grandpa Was My Friend

(Brad Belt)
March 7, 2012
Brad Belt
Grandpa Was My Friend

© 2001 Brad Belt (618) 964-1840

I know it's been a lot of years since he passed away
But now and then the memories come stealin' back my way
He used to talk about my dad and the thing's he got into
He'd knuckle my head and tell me "He was a lot like you"

He'd talk about when he was ten barefoot on the farm
And in the winter cold how they'd sleep together just to keep warm
And hoein' corn all day long in that hot Missouri sun
Makin' sorghum molasses raisin' cane more ways than one

His eyes would shine like diamonds when he'd say her name
He'd set me on his knee the story would be the same
Many times he told me how he stole her heart away
And a handful of daffodils won her love that day

Ten kids born in love raised in a four-room house
With eggs from the chickens and milk from the cows
Canned goods from the garden kerosene lights
Dad still talks about Grandma's homemade pies

I knew how the stories started and how they would end
His worn out broken heart was never gonna mend
Through gritted teeth he'd curse that thing that took her life away
Bleed again the memories watching her fade away

His eyes would fill with tears as he looked across the way
To the gravestone on the hill that I knew bore her name
Sadness would overtake him he'd rise and walk back in
And a ten-year-old tear would fall Grandpa was my friend