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Brad Belt: Music-5pp

Double Bogey Blues (comedy)

(Brad Belt)
Double Bogey Blues

© 1999 Brad Belt

I'd like to think I'm not that bad
At this golfin' game
I can hit'm hard and I can hit'm straight
On the drivin' range
But when I look down the fairway
From the number one tee
Those double bogey shivers
Go crawlin' all over me

Chorus: I got the double bogey blues
From my hat down to my shoes
They're complicatin' my golfin' mood
And constipatin' my attitude
I just can't seem to loose
These double bogey blues

I had a good chance to break 80
Just the other day
Victory was in my sight
Just one hole away
I stepped up to the 18th tee
A par would make my round
But my knees got shaky, my mind went crazy
I hit it straight out of bounds


Bridge: It's been said about a million times
Golf is a game that'll test your mind
I'm livin' proof that this is true
I got the Big Bertha slammin' double bogey blues