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Brad Belt: Music-5pp

Golf Scramble-itis (comedy)

(Brad Belt)
Golf Scramble-itis

© 1998 Brad Belt

Well I got fired a year ago
For sneakin’ away
There was a scramble goin’ on
And I just had to play
When the boss got wind I was gone again
He had some words to say
My answerin’ machine was still a-smokin’
When I got in that day

Chorus: Golf scramble-itis has got the best of me
Afflicted and addicted and there ain’t no remedy
So I’ll golf until I drop, then they can bury me
Yeah, golf scramble-itis has got the best of me

Well I lost my job and I lost my wife
And the kids have stopped comin’ by
‘Course, not bein’ home when they came along
Might be the reason why
Golf is all I think about, I’m scramble preoccupied
From dawn to dusk I swing them clubs
Everyday of my life


Bridge: Yeah, the golf bug is a bad bug and I’m caught in a crack
Everyday I need my fix, there’s a golf monkey on my back